Forms and colors of the glass

1. Next gen technologies of Vetrotecnica Ligure

Consists of innovative treatment for temper and stratify the glass, and for varnish all the glass surfaces adding new forms at the traditional colours

2. Appreciated Interior design

Realization of amazing, solide and safety interior furniture and construction like parapet and stairs, that permit a new sustainability for the great and the small project

3. Custom

Our production is flexible for all the requests, we creating structures and custom products with the best avant-garde technical solutions, we’ve fast delivery time and technical support. Also are available custom cuts for particular design and shape raccomaded by the architect for rouded and squared edge

4. Particular processing

Vetrotecnica Ligure carry out particular glass processing like moulded glass and other

5. CE

All our products have a resistance to the dynamic loads in accordance with the law UNI EN 12150-1:2001 (Tempered glass) and UNIN EN 1449:2005 (assembly of lamined glass)

6. Made in Italy

All our products have an hight quality guarantee, and are certify “Made in Italy”, also for the raw material, and respect the environment

7. Environmental sustainability

Who chooses our product helps the planet. Our products have zero impact for the environmental and are exempt of toxic substances and materials and are totally