• The glass enters in to the future
    with the innovative laser that engraves
    works of art on the surface of the glass

Vetrotecnica Ligure for more than 60 years is the leader in the glass technical solutions in Italy.Vetrotecnica Ligure has two production site, ad it’s allocate in one of the most industrial zone with the higgest development index, exactly in Spresiano (Treviso), Italy.

From the building to the forniture industry, from the refrigerations to the furnishings, and also for the aquarium sector and the production for the customer, Vetrotecnica Ligure has development a structure able of supply a very hight quality productions, with short delivery times and with the best price/quality ratio.This has been possibile also for the great ability to take the technology innovation of this sector, that it sees us always protagonists for provide the best and hi-tech solutions for realize every structure, product and design element for the interior design.

Nowadays the interior design entering a new era with the laser engrave of Vetrotecnica Ligure, that is able to transform a simple glass in a work of art.See our production